Vanished Guard – A side quest from Gothic. It is given to the player by a Shadow named Sly.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Talk to Sly outside of his hut.
  2. Exit Old Camp through the southern gate.
  3. Enter the cave to the south of Old Camp and take Nek's amulet from his body..
  4. Return to Sly with the amulet.

Quest details Edit

A request to find Nek Edit

Nameless hero can meet a shadow named Sly in the outer ring, who has a task for him. Sly tells the hero that guard named Nek went missing and wants you to find him. There are rumours that Nek fled to the New Camp. The Shadow recommends talking to guard named Fletcher that took over Nek's duties. Fletcher advises to speak to diggers near the arena and the chef. Snaf claims that he sent Nek to bring him Hell Mushrooms, but he did not come back.

The search Edit

Nameless hero, intrigued by information from Snaf decides to look for Nek where he was last seen. He enters the molerat cave south to the Old Camp. After defeating the animals, he finds the corpse of a guard. It is likely, that he was attacked by monsters while collecting mushrooms. The hero searches body for an amulet, which is the proof Sly needed.

Returning to the Camp Edit

After returning to the camp, hero tells Fletcher that Nek is dead. The guard is angry that he will have to patrol the arena for the rest of his life and that he is in trouble (he is indebted to Scatty with a large amount of ore). After that the hero returns to Sly and gives the amulet. The shadow is pleased that the hero didn't keep the amulet for himself and decides to vote for him, in case he wants to join the Old Camp.

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