The Uriziel is a legendary artifact, a two handed runeblade forged from mythril that was used by a mighty general, who was the commander of the mountain citadel. The words Uriziel are carved onto its surface, as a brief, but powerful note to anybody possessing the blade, telling what a mighty weapon he has. In its body
there is also a pure magic ore gem embedded, which was imbued with magic, possibly from Beliar himself.

While an extremely powerful weapon, capable of literally carving through hordes of Orcs, it did not protect the general from being overwhelmed and killed by them.

The sword was taken as war loot, and to ensure that it wouldn't be used against them ever again, orc shamans defiled the blade, destroying it's magical properties and ruining it.

Eventually, the sword was moved into the Sleeper's Temple and housed in a dome in the middle of a lava pool, protected by a deadly array of spike traps and looked over by the undead shaman Varrag Ruushk.

However, even those precautions could not prevent a certain convict from gaining access to the chamber, dispatching the undead shaman and procuring the blade. Restored by Xardas, it proved itself as a lightweight and extremely dangerous sword, but it was still missing its main element - the magic that was once embedded within the jewel. Once again Xardas showed his mastery, and allowed the nameless hero to recharge it with power from the ore amassed by the Water Mages of the New Camp, with help from Milten, a young Fire Mage who read the incantations necessary for the ritual to succeed. Uriziel would then serve as the tool to banish the Sleeper from the mortal realm forever, but was lost in the Orc Temple as it came crashing down on the hero, burying him under tons of rock.

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