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Teleport Runes

ToTheMagiciansOfFire ToTheMagiciansOfWater

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Teleport runes (teleport stones in Gothic 3) are magical items which allow for instantaneous travel to specific locations.


There are four different teleport runes in Gothic. They cost 5 Mana to use. Unlike other runes, they do not have a Circle requirement. Teleport can not be used if the player is in a separate location, like Orc Cemetery or Old Mine.


Teleport to the Magicians of Fire

Found in a locked chest in Xardas' sunken tower. The key is obtained from Xardas in Chapter 5. It teleports the player to the upper floor of the base of the magicians of fire, allowing the player to enter the Old Camp after it becomes hostile.


Teleport to the Magicians of Water

Obtained from Saturas at the end of Chapter 3. Teleports the player to Saturas' chamber in the New Camp.


Teleport to the Necromancer

Obtained from the Demon guarding Xardas' tower by offering to him the hearts of the three elemental golems outside the tower. It teleports the player to the upper floor of Xardas' tower, which is inaccessible otherwise.


Teleport to the Swamp Camp

Obtained from Cor Angar in chapter 3 after the Invocation. It teleports the player to the Swamp Camp.

Teleport runes in Gothic have no selling value.

Gothic IIEdit

There are ten different teleport runes in Gothic II. They all cost 5 Mana to use. Unlike mage and paladin runes, anyone can use them. Teleporting between different game levels is not possible.


Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower

Found at the top floor of the old tower of Xardas in the Valley of Mines, guarded by a Demon Lord. The tower overlooks the lake in front of Fajeth's mining camp. Teleports the player to the same tower.


Teleport to Castle

Found in the paladin castle in the Valley of Mines, on a table on the upper floor in Milten's building. Teleports the player to the same location.


Teleport to Harbor City

Obtained from Lord Hagen in Chapter 3. Teleports the player to the harbor, in front of the Pegleg tavern.


Teleport to Landlord

Obtained from Lee in Chapter 3. Teleports the player to Onar's farm, near Pepe's sheep flock.


Teleport to Monastery

Obtained from Pyrokar in Chapter 3. Teleports the player in front of the gate to the monastery of the magicians of fire.


Teleport to Pass of Khorinis

Returning to Khorinis in Chapter 3, the paladins guarding the gate to the pass will be found dead. One of them carries this rune. Teleports the player to the same location.


Teleport to Tavern

Orlan, the innkeeper of The Dead Harpy, sells this rune beginning from Chapter 3. Teleports the player in front of the tavern.


Teleport to the Valley of Mines Pass

Two can be found. One in the Valley of Mines in the small area across the bridge near the hidden tunnel to Khorinis. Another guarded by two Ice Golems right of the Ice Dragon cave. Teleports the player to the small area where the former is found.


Teleport to Xardas

Obtained from Lester in Chapter 3 while returning to Khorinis. Teleports the player in front of Xardas' Tower in Khorinis.



Teleport to the Paladin's Armor (secret of the library)

Special rune, only a paladin can obtain it in Chapter 5. Instructions for crafting are found in the secret library of the monastery of the magicians of fire. Crafting requires Holy Water. Teleports the player to a secret room that contains Paladin's Armor.

Teleport runes in Gothic II have a base price of 500 gold pieces.

Gothic II - Night of the RavenEdit

Night of the Raven does not add new teleport runes but changes the casting cost to 10 Mana. Teleport in Jarkhendar is done through two-way teleporter platforms the player can activate by undertaking The Power of the Focus Stones quest for the water mage Merdarion.

Gothic 3Edit

The teleport runes from previous Gothic titles are replaced by teleporter stones. They serve the same purpose of one-way teleportation, and use no Mana. There are twenty-nine different teleporter stones in Gothic 3, mostly found in the game world.


Nobody knows where it goes.

Takes the player right outside the barrier over Vengard, on the west side.


Teleport directly into Zuben's palace


Teleport directly to the throne room of King Rhobar II


Teleport to Ardea

  • Found on the table near Hamlar, in front of the player at the start of the game.
  • On the roof of Jack's lighthouse, a short walk to the south-east of Ardea.

Teleport to Bakaresh


Teleport to Ben Erai

  • Found on a barrel next to the path to the mines of Ben Erai, close to Navaras.

Teleport to Ben Sala

  • Found next to the smithy of Ben Sala just east, on the ground in front of a small shack.

Teleport to Braga


Teleport to Cape Dun


Teleport to Faring

  • Inside a cave near Rocko the slave, on the path to the town of Faring.

Teleport to Geldern

  • Found on top of a stone near the southern gate to Geldern, next to a chest.
  • Mirzo in Geldern has one.

Teleport to Gotha

  • Found in the house of Potros, the orc chief posted outside Gotha, inside a chest.
  • Found in the hut of the smithy close to the cave in Gotha.

Teleport to Ishtar

  • On a table next to the gate to Ishtar.

Teleport to Lago


Teleport to Montera

  • Inside the abandoned hut in front of Sanford's warehouse in Montera.
  • Yorik, the orcish blacksmith in the castle of Montera, has one.

Teleport to Mora Sul


Teleport to Nemora

  • On the outer north-eastern side of Nemora, inside a chest.
  • Treslott, the fire magician in Nemora, has one.

Teleport to Okara

  • Sitting on a rock next to the entrance to Okara.
  • Owned by Manning, Okara's blacksmith.

Teleport to Reddock

  • In the infested side of the caves of Reddock, in a chest guarded by goblins.

Teleport to Silden

  • Found at a stone circle, north of the village of Silden.
  • Grompel, the orc shaman in Silden, has one.

Teleport to Trelis

  • In a chest next to a statue of Beliar close to the south-western entrance to the town of Trelis.
  • Khabir, the Hashishin merchant in Trelis, owns another.

Teleport to Xardas' Tower


Teleport to the Fire Clan

  • Inside Kaelin's hut.
  • Inside the hut of Kerth, the clan chief.

Teleport to the Hammer Clan


Teleport to the Innos shrine in the monastery

Cannot be found through normal gameplay, only obtainable with cheat commands.


Teleport to the Wolf Clan

  • Inside Ronar's hut.
  • Owned by Rune.
  • Inside a chest in Rune's hut.

Teleport to the great temple of Beliar in Bakaresh

  • Kept inside the treasury of the temple of Bakaresh.

Teleport to the monastery

  • Found in a chest on the bottom floor of the monastery library.

Teleport to the temple of Vengard

  • Found in the cave in the town of Gotha.

This teleporter stone is the only way to bypass the magic barrier surrounding Vengard and reach the city.

Teleporter stones have a base price of 300 gold.

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