This is the sermon preached by Vatras at the Shrine of Adanos in the city of Khorinis.


But the light was a torment for Beliar. And all that Innos created was destroyed by Beliar.

But Adanos saw that, this way, nothing could exist at all. No light, and no darkness.
And so he set himself between his brothers in order to reconcile their dispute. And he did not succeed.
But there, where Adanos stood, was a place in which Innos and Beliar had no power.
And in this place Order and Chaos were equal. And so the sea was created.
And the sea released the land. And there arose all creatures. Trees as well as animals. Wolves as well as sheep. And last of all arose the human.
And Adanos was pleased with what was arisen. And he delighted in all the beings equally.
But so great was the wrath of Beliar that he came across the land and chose the beast. And Beliar spoke to it. And the beast became his subject.
And Beliar gave unto it a portion of his divine power, so that it might destroy the land.
But Innos beheld what Beliar had done. And he also bestrode the land, and chose the human. And Innos spoke to him. And the human became his subject.
And Innos gave unto him a portion of his divine power, so that he might undo the work of Beliar.
And Beliar spoke to another creature. But Adanos brought forth the tide, and the creature was washed from the face of the earth.
But with it, the trees and animals were also washed away. And a deep sadness overcame Adanos.
And thus spake Adanos to his brothers: Never again shall you walk upon my land. For it is sacred. And so shall it be.
But the human and the beast waged war upon the land of Adanos. And the wrath of the gods was with them.
And the human slew the beast and it entered in to Beliar's realm.
But Adanos saw that Order and Chaos were now unequal and he bade Innos to take his divine power from the human.
And Innos, in his wisdom, did so.
But Adanos feared for the day in which the beast would return to the land.
And so he bade Innos to leave a part of his power in his realm, so that he might restore it to the human if the beast should return.
And Innos, in his wisdom, did so.
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