Raven - a character from Gothic and Gothic II: Night of the Raven. He is an Ore Baron in the Old Camp, then a servant of Beliar. He stood next to Gomez in the Great Uprising, so he became his right hand.

Personality and Traits Edit

On the first galnce Raven seems to be a friendly man, but in reality he does not respect people working for him, and is only using them as tools.

Under the influence of Beliar, Raven becomes even more ruthless and unpredictable; he does not hesitate to sacrifice his own men if that helps him reach his goals.

Gothic Edit

He is one of the Ore Barons, the most powerful men in the colony. He is taking care of the trade with the outside world, and managing ore excavation. As Gomez's right hand, he is his middleman, and does all tasks for him. Only he can allow new people to meet up with Gomez. Raven is very rude and arrogant man, although he might not seem like it when The Hero meets him for the first time. After Nameless Hero completes the quest of spying on swamp, he will say in his diary that he does not need friends like Raven. As everyone in the Old Camp, he will be hostile to The Hero since Chapter IV.

Before Gothic II: Night of the Raven Edit

He and Thorus have gathered a group, then escaped the Valley of Mines. People from the Old Camp who joined them were: Bloodwyn, Fletcher, Huno, Fisk, Scatty, Snaf, Dexter and Fortuno from the Swamp Camp. Meanwhile Beliar speaks to him, and choses him as a commander of his army of evil, and tells him to find the Claw of Beliar. With the help of Pirates, he got to the forgotten part of the island to seek the artifact. He finds the ruins of the Warrior's Fortress, with the Temple of Adanos. He sends Dexter to Khorinis to kidnap people who would work to dig out the temple, then work in the gold mines.

Gothic II: Night of the Raven Edit

He manages to decipher stone tablets from each caste and contacts with Khardimon. He slips out of Nameless Hero's hands in the Temple of Adanos, and goes for the Claw of Beliar. Since then Raven has been sitting in the temple and praying to his new god. Not long after The Hero finally chases him down, then kill him after short conversation and takes away the Claw of Beliar.

Trivia Edit

  • In Gothic II: Night of the Raven he has 6666 points of mana.
  • He is wearing the same armor as Rademes and Quarhodron.
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