Paladin - a character appearing in Gothic 3. He is a gladiator who lives in Mora Sul.

Paladin in Mora Sul

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before the arrival of the Nameless Hero to Mora Sul[edit | edit source]

He was a soldier in the service of King Rhobar the Second. His unit was attacked by the Hassassins. After the battle they gave him a choice, he could fight in the arena of Mora Sul, or break rocks. He told the Nameless Hero that the choice was simple - he chose to fight in the arena in Mora Sul.

Gothic 3[edit | edit source]

He fought in the arena in Mora Sul. The name Paladin gave him Felipe to attract viewers. He was the first opponent of the Nameless Hero. After the fight, he told him that in his youth he took two of them like him for breakfast. During the attack of the Nomads under the leadership of Kayor and the Nameless Hero, Paladin joins them and together they liberate Mora Sul from the power of the Hassassins, and Paladin himself began to lead a peaceful life.

After the ending of the War between Innos and Beliar[edit | edit source]

Paladin's further fate is unknown, because in Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Pass to Varant is blocked.

Interesting facts[edit | edit source]

  • Although Paladin was a soldier in the army of King Rhobar the Second, he carries the Nordmarian's Armor.
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