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Mud - a character appearing in Gothic. He is a resident of the Old Camp.


Very importunate and annoying. He feels lonely, so he tries to find a new friend. When he meets a new person in the camp, he follows him, and even when he hears "No", he takes it as "Yes". He hates people from the new camp, and wants to take his revenge on them for bullying him. He's also very ambitions; he wants to take over the Old Camp. He might be a zoophile(he likes animals way too much).


A former citizen of Khorinis. He did not had an easy life - his parents did not love him. He probably was thrown into the colony for zoophilia. Even though he managed to make it to the old camp, he was constantly bullied, and beaten up by rogues.


He lives next to Snaf's kitchen, near the castle gate. He joins the nameless hero regardless of him agreeing or not, and calls the player his best friend. He is very annoying, can interrupt the player even durning the fight, and has very stupid ideas, like taking over the camp. He dies in the chapter IV, killed by Snaf or other two unnamed diggers.

Gothic II and Gothic II: Night of the Raven

Mud himself does not appear in Gothic II, but he exists in the game files as Zombie, and can not be seen anywhere in the game, unless players uses cheats for the summon scroll („ItSc_SummonMud"), or spawns him directly („Undead_Mud"). A lot of bandits possess his face texture. 


  • Mud can be killed without anyone getting angry at the player.
  • Zombie Mud from Gothic II has the exact same items that he had in Gothic(a bottle of water and 5 gold), and gives the exact same amount of exp when defeated - 0 exp.
  • In chapter IV he is killed by Snaf and 2 other unnamed diggers. It's caused by the fact that Mud does not have a guild, so everyone in the old camp starts being hostile to him.
  • In fan modification "Die Bedrohung", Mud has a sign kick me on his back.
  • He claims to like animals, yet he runs away when he sees one, with the exception of Meatbug.
  • Mud is allegedly based off a German radio presenter - Niels Ruf.
  • If the player turns into an animal, Mud will start attacking him.
  • In Risen 3: Titan Lords, another game made by Piranha Bytes, there is a very similar character with a same name. It's an obvious reference to Mud from Gothic.
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