Milten Plescott was very young when he was conscripted into the army of the king. He was taken in for desertion and theft of an apple, first landing in prison and then into the Penal Colony on Khorinis. In prison, he met his later friends Lester, Gorn and Diego.

In the ColonyEdit

Milten joined the Old Camp and worked his way to the top. Finally, he completed several difficult tasks for the fire mages. The High Mage Corristo discovered Miltens affinity for magic, and took him on as a pupil. For the arrogant and cocky Corristo, Milten was more of a pastime than a real student. Nevertheless, Milten learned quickly and soon became a full-fledged fire mage.

The leader of Gomez' Guard, Brabak Gorn sought after life. After the minions of Brabak had hurt his friend Gorn difficult Milten staged an intrigue to his friends to save. Together with Diego he stole magic ore and precious jewels hidden in Brabak quarters. When fleeing from the guards, a set of Drago accidentally thrown fireball with a sack of ore on fire. The explosion was one of the collapsing towers of the castle. In search of the ore came the greedy Brabak with the mercenaries and killed another. Milten Diego and later set it down so as to have acted illegally Brabak ore.

The hero met Milten as he gave Pyrokars letter, who Milten afterwards gave to Corristo. Later he befriended Milten and the young Mage helped him with the undead guardians of the old Stone Hege. Milten took from the treasury of the guard an old Orctalisman while the Hero took one of the five focus stones.

On his return to the Old camp he found out, that the fire mages were killed under the command of Gomez. Milten escaped the bloodthirsty guards only by a hasty and tight flight. Along with Diego, he placed himself at the gates of the camp and warned old friends from visiting the camp. Even the hero was warned by Milten.

A little later, Milten helped the hero to recharge the sword Uriziel. Milten read the magic formula, while the hero's sword brought into contact with the ore pile. The Water Magician's were not very happy by this action. But Milten again escaped to a safe place and met later with Diego, Gorn, and Lester at an unknown location.

Milten (by Wojciech Wawrzyńczak)

Milten as he appears in Gothic 1.

After the fall of the barrierEdit

After the fall of the barrier, Milten returned back to Khorinis. He went to the monastery of the fire mages and reported to Pyrokar about the events in the mining colony. For his actions, Milten was rewarded. His rank as a full mage was confirmed and the sentence that was issued to him was completely rehabilitated. Milten did not stay long in the monastery. He accompanied Lord Garond and his troops back to the Valley of Mines. Once there, he was to check the purity of the magic ore. But there was no ore and to Milten it became clear that the whole expedition was doomed. However, he remained in the castle to assist his friend Gorn, who was captured. Milten and the hero finally paid Gorn's debt and free him. Together with Gorn, Milten left the Valley of Mines, this time for good.

Back at the monastery Milten guarded the entrance to the convent after Pedro betrayed the Order and stole the sacred Eye of Innos. A little later he accompanied the hero to Irdorath and fought there against the creatures and minions of evil. After the victory, he sailed to the mainland.

On the mainlandEdit

On the mainland, Milten participated in the liberation of Ardea by the orcs. Then he wandered in search of "ancient knowledge" to the north, in Nordmar. In the convent arrived, he studied the ancient scriptures and learned a lot about the "old magic".


Artwork of Milten from Gothic 3.

Milten also participated in the search for the ancient and magical chalices of paladins. After the hero of Myrtana disappeared, so he remained for a bit in the monastery, but Thorus kidnapped him which forced him to give the Eye of Innos, so

he could summon the Beast. After he was freed, he helped the heroes in the fight against the Black Mage of Thorus and swore to him, after he had crowned the new king, loyalty. Milten is described in later years as the wisest of magicians in Myrtana.