Milten (Milten Plescott in Gothic: Der Comic) – a character appearing in every Gothic game, as well as in Arcania and Arcania: Fall of Setariff. A magician, later an archmagician of fire. One of the best friends of the Nameless Hero. He comes from Sendar.

Personality and traits.[edit | edit source]

Milten is an honest and kind man, as well as a loyal friend. Always remembers and appreciates people who help him. As a magician of fire, he would like to see the Nameless Hero as the servant of Innos, although he respects every decision he makes. Despite being at a young age, he appears to be very mature.

Gothic: Der Comic[edit | edit source]

Durning the war with the orcs, every man was forced to fight against the creatures. Milten was one of the conscripts, however he deserted after seeing the hords of orcs. After fleeing the army he decided to hide in the City of Khorinis. He was caught for stealing an apple, and durning the arrest the guards noticed a tattoo of the conscripts, thus he was revealed to be a deserter, and for that crime he was thrown into jail where he met Diego, Gorn and Lester. All of them were thrown into colony together.

After arriving in the colony he decided to join the Old Camp along with Diego. After his great services to the Ore Barons he got a chance for a promotion, where he decided to step into the path of magic and became an apprentice of an archmage Corristo that taught him about the circles of magic. Along with Diego, Gorn and Lester, Milten was involved in theft of the ore meant for the Great Gladiator Tournament in the Old Camp.

Gothic[edit | edit source]

Milten is still friends with Diego, Gorn and Lester. He's very kind to the main hero. In Chapter III Milten helps the Nameless Hero on his quest to retrieve the focus stone from the crypt. After all the mages of fire were murdered by the order of Gomez, Milten was the only one to come out alive but traumatized, thus remaining as the last representative of the fire mages inside the barrier. After the fact he stands near the Old Camp to warn his friends about the guards that attack people from other camps on the spot. In the Chapter V he takes part in the ritual meant to convert all the magic from the ore mound in the New Camp into Uriziel

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