Baal Kolis - a character appearing in the modification titled Gothic: Dark Mysteries. He is a Fanatic, living in a Fanatics' Camp.

Before the Nameless Hero's exile to the Valley of Mines Edit

Baal Kolis was one of the gurus and he conducted research on the Sleeper. With time, however, he began to doubt his existence. Together with several people, he founded the Fanatics' Camp. It is located in the place where formerly the orc arena was located.

Gothic: Dark Mysteries Edit

When the Nameless Hero becomes a Fanatic, he commissions him the task of finding his ring, which supposedly belonged to one of the Ancients. The valuables were stolen by Quentin. After donating the ring, Baal Kolis wants the hero to go to the Ancients and give them a letter written by him. In the letter he asks for help in destroying the magical barrier over the Valley of Mines. When the Nameless Hero returns from Ken'Udz - the leader of the Ancients, Kolis learns that the Ancients can not help destroying the magical barrier over the Valley of Mines. Baal Kolis does not believe that this is a letter from him and he attacks the Nameless Hero, then he dies from his hand, and Xord becomes the new leader of the Fanatics' Camp.

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