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In Extremo is a band that plays a concert in the Old Camp during Chapter 2 of Gothic 1. Grim and several other diggers are their fans. At the start of Chapter 3 the player is informed that they moved to another place to perform.


Their members are Steve, Charlotte, Dr. Pymonte, Flex, Lutter, The Flail, Thomas the Forger, Unicorn and Yellow Pfeiffer.


  • The in-game concert was part of a cross promotion with the real life band In Extremo. In Extremo CD booklets had ads for Gothic 1 and the concert in the game functioned as an ad for the band.
  • Due to licensing issues most translated versions and even some German rereleases don't contain the In Extremo concert.
  • It is unclear where they went to perform afterwards as they should be incapable of leaving the barrier.