Gothic 3: The Beginning - chronologically the first, the premiere fourth game from the Gothic saga, and the only one that was released on mobile phones.

Gothic 3 The Beginning (by SpY)

Game cover

Story Edit

The game takes place one hundred and forty years before exile the Nameless Hero to the Mine Valley. Players take on the role of twenty-year-old Xardas, whom his great-great-grandfather visits - Buthomar. Buthomar asks Xardas to find the four Chosen Ones. With their help, you can restore the closed magic on the Island of Khorinis. Unfortunately, evil forces are trying to use the cruel Orcs to take over the infinite power of forbidden rune stones.

In the game, we have the opportunity, among other things, to open locks, trade with other buyers or learn from the best teachers in Khorinis. There are thirty levels of characters to acquire. We have a large arsenal of weapons and armor. We will also find different types of magical beverages and herbs. During the game, most likely the faith in Beliar was introduced at the earliest, in Adanos a bit later, while in Innos at the very end.

Trivia Edit

Although the title contains the Gothic 3 prefix, the game action does not take place in the Gothic 3.

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