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Gothic 3 is the third installment of the Gothic series, released in 2006.

It takes place after the events Gothic II: Night Of The Raven and begins when the Nameless Hero and his friends arrive on the Esmerelda (the ship from the second game) to the mainland of Mrytana, where the Orcs have finally managed to almost completely conquer Mrytana, save for a determined rebel resistance movement.

When the Nameless Hero arrives near the town of Ardea, he and his friends liberate the town from the Orcs and discover that Xardas helped the Orcs in their conquest of Myrtana by destroying the ancient rune magic that had been used to keep the Orcs at bay.

After finding this out, the Nameless Hero decides to hunt down Xardas and find out what his intentions are, and along the way, he could either help the human rebels take back Mytana from Orcs, help the Orcs finish their conquest, or help the Hashishin of the Varant region with their own goals.

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