Fletcher - A character from Gothic and Gothic II: Night of the Raven. He was an old camp guard, then a Raven's bandit.


He is a middle grade guard in the old camp. He is not happy with his job, because Nek went missing, and he is supposed to replace him. He is the only guard that does not want money from the main hero, instead he asks him to search for Nek. He owes a lot of ore to Scatty. When old camp declared war on new camp, he is guarding northern camp enterance, and when approached, he calls the hero a traitor, then attacks the player along with other guards. If the nameless hero comes across Fletcher durning the night in first chapter, he will tell the player to go to sleep, and will point him an abandoned hut. On top of that he warns the hero if he catches him sneaking around someone else's hut, he will give him a lesson.

Gothic II: Night of the RavenEdit

He went to Jarkender with Raven, and became a boss of the hunters. He had a good reputation. He gets murdered by Franko, which we can find out from Edgor.


  • If the hero kills Fletcher before chapter IV, guards of the northern gate won't attack him.
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