Bartholo Fisk - A character from Gothic and Gothic II: Night of the Raven. He is a shadow from the Old Camp, later a Raven's bandit from Jarkendar.


He lives in the Old Camp. He sells weapons and uniforms for diggers. He had an argument with Whistler, so now he does not want to sell him a valuable sword. He has a deal with Mordrag about stealing from Ore Barons, so if the player beats up, or kills Mordrag, Fisk will want him to find a new supplier, which turns out to be Sharky.

Gothic II: Night of the RavenEdit

After the barrier had fallen, he followed Raven to Jarkendar, where he continues his trading. He wants the player to find a lockpick package, that was stolen by Juan. As a reward the hero will receive a discount for Heavy Bandit Armor from Huno, and an Axe(for a mercenary or militia) or a blank rune(for mage). As it would later turn out, he hired an assassin to kill Esteban, because he was bad for his buisness. Then nameless hero make a deal with Fisk: He kills Esteban's guards, and the player kills Esteban himself. After that nameless hero takes over Esteban's role.

After the gameEdit

After Nameless hero left for the mainland, Jarkendar was attacked by orcs, and Fisk was probably killed or enslaved.

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