Fingers - A character in Gothic. He is a shadow living in the Old Camp.


He is one of the best thieves in the penal colony. He can share his skills with the player, but only if he previously talked with Diego about it. He can commend player to Diego, if the hero learns something about the art of thievery. He also tells player to visit Cavalorn, who can teach the player how to sneak, which is necessary for sneaking up on animals or pick pocketing.

After the gameEdit

He probably died durning the magic storm, or escaped the Valley of Mines and became a bandit.


  • There is a high probability that Fingers belonged to the thief guild before he was thrown into colony, because Jesper tells the player: Sadly, he was caught - he was thrown into the colony and probably died in there. Fingers himself states: I believe - no false modesty - that I'm one of the best thieves they ever chucked into this colony. Another thing supporting this fact, is the cheat code for one of the keys to the door in the sewers - „ItKe_Fingers”, and the name of the chest in the room behind mentioned doors is called „MOB_FINGERS” in the game files, and the room itself is called "Fingers Room" on the german site, in the map section.
  • While solving Gothic 3 quest called "Where is the Guru", after opening repaired chest and defeating the enemies; Finger's Rapier can be found. It probably belonged to Fingers.
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