Erhag is an ork appearing in ArcaniA.

History Edit

Before ArcaniA Edit

Together with Thorus, Grosh and others, they arrived at Argaan after escaping from Mora Sul. They stopped in the Cleaved Maiden, where he went to meet with Rauter and guild warriors of Argaan. Brawl, which incited the orcs Erhag, prevented intervention Thorus. Erhag was opposed to cooperation with people of Argaan, resulting in a conflict with Grosh holding page Thorus. Along with Zargashem, Hargiem, Ur-Shula and two others he broke away from the rest of the group, though Grosh tried to stop him.

ArcaniA Edit

Comes with its killer whales in the area Srebrowodu to calm the local clan. Killing former leader in a duel, in which he breaks a lot of bones. This is due to Erhag the first time in the battle for power in the clan killed someone. He decided yet peaceful clan, who live in harmony with people, it becomes hostile to them, and even kidnaps Lord Gawa. He also tried to get the lock Srebrowód, but as a result of the heroic defense of the residents had to withdraw. Many clan members did not support his reign, but the fear of it. Opposite leaves them nameless, who wins "the name of the soul" (amulet engraved with the name of plowing) Irrigha (son of former chief), Erhag challenges to a duel, defeats him, kills and captures the power of the clan Irrighowi.

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