Digger - Guild in Gothic. It's the lowest rank group in the Old Camp. They lack any privileges and are disrespected by most of the other camp members.


Everyone who was thrown into the colony has to choose from three camps. If one chooses the Old Camp, he can impress it's important figures and join Shadows or become a Digger. Diggers are subjugated to the King and other camp members. They dig the ore for the Kingdom of Myrtana, just for a small pay of few ore nuggets and a piece of bread. Their mining site is the Old Mine, they are let out after certain time. After the mine collapsed, few Diggers and Guards went into the Free Mine. Their New Camp equivelant are Scrapers. Most of them died out after the barrier had fallen, and few of them became Bandits in the forests of Khorinis. Some of them joined Raven. Diggers have their own Smithy, ran by Huno. One of the most influential Diggers is Gravo - who can get Nameless out of trouble.


Diggers Edit


  • Dusty - Digger unhappy with his job. He's thinking about joining his friend in the Swamp Camp.
  • Graham - Cartographer of the Old Camp. His hut is next to the northern gate.
  • Gravo - He's living in the hut next to the stage. If paid, he can help out the player if he got into trouble.
  • Grim - Ambitious digger. The idea of working hard underground is not appealing to him, so he is trying to join the Shadows.
  • Guy - He can tell the player about all three camps, and point out the abandoned hut that Nameless can take for himself.
  • Herek - A killer. He's living near the Market.
  • Jesse - Digger. He lives next to Herek, he warns the hero about him, but only after Herk attacks the playeer.
  • Kyle - He built his hut close to the ditch. While he was in the mine, someone made a second door and since then people are running through his hut, which makes him upset.
  • Huno - A smith. His workshop is located next to the collapsed tower.
  • Aleph - He's avoiding work, and is making money through trading.
  • Garp - He tells the player about the Orc Slave.
  • Grimes - Old and calm digger. He remembers the times before Abandoned Mine collapsed.
  • Snipes - He's resting next to Aaron guarding chests.
  • Glen - He's warning the player about Minecrawlers.
  • Gilbert - He's hiding in the cave next to the Old Camp.
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