The Library of Water represents the collection of books which are in the possesion of the Circle of Water in in the first Gothic game. Most of the books are stored inside the Library of the Magicians of Water, which is found in one of the stone huts of the Magi's quarters. However most of the books are unreadable, being stockpiled on the shelves.

Another 9 books which belong to the Magicians of Water are found in Cronos' inventory, available for anyone interested in the Magical Arts.

The books found in the library are as follows:

  • Arcanum Golum, Vol. I and II
  • Astronomy
  • Elementary Arcanum
  • Magic Ore
  • The Battle of Varant, Vol. I and II
  • The Secrets of Magic (2 copies)
  • True Power

The books found in Cronos' possesion are the following:

  • The Circles of Magic
    • First Circle of Magic
    • Second Circle of Magic
    • Third Circle of Magic
    • Fourth Circle of Magic
    • Fifth Circle of Magic
    • Sixth Circle of Magic
  • Words of the Gods, Vol. I, II and III

During the First Chapter, only the first two volumes of the series The Circles of Magic are available. During the second Chapter another two are added to his inventory, and during the last Chapter the final two volumes become available.

The Words of the Gods series is composed of three important works. They are the base of the Mythology of the Gothic series.

During the later stages of the game, another book is added to the Library of Water:

  • The Almanach

This is the book the Nameless Hero brings from the Brotherhood of the Sleeper after the departure of Kor Calom.

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