The Ancient Ore Armor was a unique set of high-quality armour, possessing magical properties of the Ore used in its production. It was essentially a suit of heavy leather combined with highly durable steel chainmail, which served as a base to which magic ore plates were affixed with straps. As such, it is not a plate armour, but rather a hybrid between a scale and chainmail armours.

Origins Edit

Crafted almost entirely from magic ore, this runic armour was once a valued possesion of a brave general who fought against the orcs in many battles long before the barrier was estabilished. However, as great as the armour was, it did not save the general from meeting his inevitable demise. The fate of the armor after its original owner's death is uncertain, but within several years, it managed to find itself in the hands of Xardas. After studying the magical properties of the armour set, the magician decided to safekeep it.

In possesion of the Nameless HeroEdit

After the Nameless Hero returned from his first visit to the Temple of the Sleeper, Xardas required some time to study the sword of Uriziel. Noticing the damage sustained by his Minecrawler Plate Armor, the Hero decided to look around for some better equipment. Xardas suggested looting his old, now partially sunken tower near the Mountain fortress.

Heeding the magicians advice, the Hero ventured into the gloomy halls of Xardas' old tower and, after disposing of some undead guardians, found the treasured suit of armor in a locked chest. While still in a great condition, the armour had corroded somewhat, owing the decrease in its quality to the time it was kept in a dark and damp environment of the flooded tower.

Stone, the blacksmith from the castle of the Old Camp, helped out with this minor setback: showing his gratitude for letting him out of the dungeon, the smith was able to renovate the armour, restoring it to its original state.

Protected by the same set of armour that once kept its original owner safe and sound through countless battles, the Hero stormed the Temple of the Sleeper once again, vanquishing the psychotic followers of the archdemon and the undead guardians of the damned place. However, the destruction of the Temple following the Sleeper's banishment was too much for the Hero, who ended up trapped under the rubble, kept alive only by the energy stored in the ore pieces of the armour.

Two weeks later, as the remaining reserves of the suit's energy were dwindling away, Xardas teleported the Hero to his new tower in the mountains of Khorinis. The very last drops of energy in the Ore Armour were used for the transportation, destroying the legendary armour suit in the process almost completely. All that was left of it was the dark leather underlayer of the armor, that the Hero worn throughout his following quest.

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